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Creative Consulting

Providing you with personalised, creative solutions, tailored to what you require.
Connecting the dots intuitively with passion and rigour.

This is what Triple C is all about:

We are your personal creative consultants, with a flare for collaboration. What is creative consulting? Well, we are not big believers in a one size fits all approach. We like to be fluid and imaginative while providing structure and organisation. With unique solution focused energy combined with optimism, anything can be achieved! The collaboration part? It’s all about who you know right? We have a knack for networking, and tend to make friends with other problem solvers. Dynamic team effort is part of our recipe. 

Hi! I'm Cherrise

Chief Cat Herder at Triple C

Triple C is new to the world, a brain child of 2022. I had a vision where I could help companies of all sizes, charities and NGOs, by extending my varied skills. I am multifaceted, with ADD as my superpower. My psychology background and work experience in the advertising realm and commercial property have paved an Ideal path for me to connect with humans.

I have the ability to creatively conceptualise solutions and apply them to the real world. Understanding and pursuing the end goal and designing different methods of getting there is how Triple C has come to life. 

— Cherrise

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Content Corner

Welcome to the Colab Content Corner where we will feature collaborative and creative content!

This first piece is by Chané Griffiths, she designed this as a tribute to World Wildlife Day. We are delighted to be able to celebrate this day with something special.

Thank you for contributing to World Wildlife Day Chané, we look forward to featuring more of your art.

Impala lily by Chané Griffiths

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