10 Facts you didn't know about me
(Chief Cat Herder)

For those of you that don’t already know, my name is Cherrise, I am the Owner & Chief Cat Herder here at Triple C Creative Colab.

I thought that I’d share some fun facts that I bet you didn’t know about me. Not all my blogs will be serious and business related, part of Triple C’s values are finding the fun and being a human about things!

Let’s get down to it…

1st fact:
I’ve broken my baby toe on my right foot about 12 times. I now have a “hunchback” looking baby toe and every now and again it dislocates. It’s also the only bone in my body that’s been broken.

2nd Fact:
I have a phobia called Trypophobia, also known as “the fear of many holes” – Although mine is not THAT severe and is more texture related, I find it difficult to look at certain images with texture and I physically seize up and get sweaty palms.

3rd Fact:
This some of you may know already, My top 3 favourite animals are:
Cats, Horses & Snakes.

4th Fact:
I have a small problem with eating Flings (For those who don’t know, they are baked delicious golden fluffy chips that are usually given to children) I can eat a whole bag myself, and will literally eat them till I die. If you haven’t had them, just do it!

5th Fact:
I’m not quite an adrenaline junky, but I have jumped out of planes, off bridges and mountains and will do it whenever I get the opportunity. However in my ‘old age’ I have noticed less desire in this department. 

6th Fact:
I must have been a rally or race car driver in a past life. I love cars and driving, and have also completed two advanced driving courses… I think I’m due for an update on that soon.

7th Fact: 
I grew up in Swaziland until the age of 7, and one of my favourite memories was living in Hawane Park, which was a huge mountainous farm with its own waterfall. The neighbouring horse riding stables gave me a Shetland pony (because no one else would ride her). Her name was Cheeky Mango, a feisty little thing!  We built her a paddock next to our home on the farm and I would ride her everyday after school!

8th Fact:
I’ve had quite exotic pets, including tarantulas, but I once had a sugar glider, his name was Hugo. As much as I pride myself on having a connection with all animals, Hugo hated my guts. I had built him a huge avery and would sit for hours trying to bribe him with yoghurt and honey and he wouldn’t come near me. I eventually told the breeder who took him back and found him a female and lived happily ever after without me.

9th Fact:
I’ve had 3 near death experiences, two involving the ocean, which isn’t very difficult to imagine. The other one involved a glass door and my hand going through it. I will spare you the gory details but, I looked like spider-man spraying red web 😉

10th Fact:
I dream in colour, black and white, in the 3rd person as well as watch myself from above and from the perspective of the other person i’m interacting with in the dream.  I’ve always wanted to write short stories about my dreams and try to have them illustrated into books. Future me is working on that. 

Now that you know some random things about me, you can go read up more about what we do at Triple C in the previous blogs!

I hope this kept you somewhat entertained!
More cool content to come! 

Keep Smiling,


Chief Cat Herder (CEO)

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