Creative Virtual Assistance & What that means

Without getting too technical about this topic, here are two scenarios we want to paint, in order to give you a little peep into how Virtual Assistance can help you. One, is how things used to work, and the other is how things can work now! Virtual Assistance isn’t anything too wild or new, it has existed for some time, and its origins stem from the strong and powerful Secretaries, Office Clerks, and Administrators that make the world go round! 

Scenario one:

It’s 1950 something and you are a high powered business person you have 3 different office personnel that make everything happen in the background. Without them your business is just a name that exists.

One is your personal assistant and handles all your daily tasks, this includes home life matters. They make notes and remind you about appointments and schedule them, sort your shopping lists, and make sure you have the birthday gift ready for that party you have on the weekend.

The other is at your office’s front desk, day in and day out, they are the face of the business and handle all customers, shareholders, any telephone calls, and they furiously write up anything you want on their state of the art typewriter.

The third is your backbone. They file, document, stamp, organise all your paperwork and make sure that all your business documents, supplier contracts, invoices,  you name it, are all up to scratch and the minute you need any of them they have it ready.

This was just how the business world worked and was completely doable and standard practice. Life really was full of admin but the Admin Assistants had it handled.

Scenario two:

It’s now 2020 something, your business survived COVID and you are back on your feet thriving in the world on fire. Technology has come leaps and bounds and we require less of humans to do many of the tasks we previously needed them for.

However, your business has had to adapt to a way of working and become more creative about bringing in revenue and making a profit. The exchange rate is unreal and inflation is through the roof, many people are working from their home office to save on costs.

This proves difficult to handle on your own and not everyone has a strong admin skill set. You find out about Virtual Assistants and you are instantly intrigued. You find out that you can merely delegate all the tasks you don’t have time for.

It’s not a completely foreign world either, why? because, you can choose to communicate via email or even whats app. Depending on the required tasks your Virtual Assistant (Who yes, is an actual human) will require access to certain areas of your digital folders or calendars in order to get the job done. It’s rather simple actually, it’s a matter of clear communication and the job is done.

At Triple C, we have specialised Virtual Assistant ‘packages’ that we can tailor to what you require. We can offer basic hourly rates, where you only pay for the hours worked, or you can put a cap on the hours and pay a set retainer, with any work done over and above that retainer charged at the standard hourly rate.

There is also the option to pre-set the specific days and times you require work to be done on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s all versatile and fluid.

“This is why we add the term “creative” to our service because there is no problem that creativity cannot solve!”

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