PAMRO: Pan Africa Media Research Organisation.

PAMRO: Pan Africa Media Research Organisation.

They have been a client of ours since November 2022 when Triple C was still a ‘C-dling’ – also known as a concept. Originally they purely needed virtual assistance and some website and social media help.

This turned into a greater opportunity, so let’s get into who they really are.

PAMRO is an non-profit organisation whose mission is to create a uniform and evolving research infrastructure in African Countries. With their goal being, obtaining actionable knowledge which is based on the behaviour of African people, specifically surrounding the media, lifestyles and product usage. This will assist in making informed decisions on how to reach and communicate with specific target markets more effectively. Their main goal is to make Africa a leader in media with a research database that provides actionable insights. With the research infrastructure in place they can measure and use these targeting methods to efficiently compare results from the various countries.

Their main event is what they like to call “Bring PAMRO to the people”This event happens once a year in a chosen African country and is where Triple C got more involved. Since 2022 we have been onboard the PAMRO train and assisting them with setting up and organising this year’s conference. For those that have kept up with Triple C’s page you will know that we are heading to Morocco – this is where PAMRO will be hosting its 24th annual conference. 

“It is where experts from across Africa and the rest of the world come together and exchange knowledge”

They learn about each other’s successes and failures. The main goal of this event is to harmonise research methodologies and encourage excellence in the industry, as well as networking and growing in knowledge together.

We will be posting more about this awesome conference in our next post.
We hope that now you have a little more insight into who PAMRO is as an organisation.

They are our longest standing client and it has been a journey with many learnings along the way. Stay tuned to hear more about the conference! 

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