Triple C - How we got here

Triple C. Creative Consulting and Collaboration. Yes, that’s what it stands for.

You will also notice a bunch of what I like to call “C- words” that float around while adding some context to the type of creative consulting. When you get to know me you’ll soon find out how much of a sucker I am for puns and alliteration.

Anyway, the name is meaningful in its own right, as is the short and sweet journey I took to get here. I would like to tell you an exaggerated version of how I took the gruelling roads of darkness and clawed myself into the light. But fortunately, this is not that story.

The real story begins with me being “fun-employed” after being retrenched, thanks to our dear friend COVID. It was a sad day, because I truly enjoyed my job and the company I worked for. In fact, when I landed that position, within weeks I felt right at home and could comfortably say “I love what I do”. I also grew A LOT! 

So, naturally, one would have a mild moment of panic emerge when one is jobless. The CV was updated, friends, family, work colleagues and ex-colleagues all came to my rescue. I have a boastful level of support I must say! I ended up getting interviews within the week! A personal thanks to Harriet Wex from Wexford sciences, another woman in business preparing to take over the world. She has her own recruitment business and runs a next generation workspace up the North coast in KZN with a coffee shop attached to it! I mean, do I need to say more? 

I went the interview route with some great advertising agencies based here in Durban, thinking that I wanted to continue Traffic management.

However, this was not the case. The universe had other plans.  I have always wanted to do my own thing, which came in the form of daydreaming about side hustles in Lady Boss suits and heels strutting up 5th Avenue in New York City. #girlbossgoals 

"As a huge supporter of women in business,
I will be sharing all the lady boss vibes along the way."

I ended up taking the plunge and called up another one of my beautiful Lady friends,  Monica Malan, who has her own Design studio and is based in St Francis! She has been a huge part of this journey. Without her intentional creative magic Triple C would not be the dazzling elegant girl at the ball. A huge thank you to her for running with my enthusiasm and fast paced thinking and just getting it done! #girlpower

As we couldn’t just have a pretty brand and needed to be a registered company, would it surprise you to know that ANOTHER woman who runs her own accounting company, took over this responsibility? I thought not. She is now my go to for all my accounting requirements. Thank you Mari !

So we have arrived! We are officially live! I am utterly grateful to have the massive amount of support that brought Triple C to life. More exciting news about our first creative consulting client to follow. Will keep you updated, informed, educated and entertained.

Keep Smiling,


Chief Cat Herder (CEO)

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